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Traveling to London for the conference? The vibrant capital of England offers a delightful mix of history, culture, and modern energy.  From iconic landmarks like Buckingham Palace and Big Ben to renowned museums and a thriving theatre scene, there’s something for everyone.

London is diverse in nature, with over 230 languages spoken and a wealth of different cultures and communities. Often referred to as the “Square Mile” for its compact area, London is the historic heart and a major player on the world’s financial stage.  Here, modern skyscrapers share space with medieval alleyways, while iconic St. Paul’s Cathedral watches over the bustling financial district.  This is where you’ll find the Bank of England and the Stock Exchange, making it a must-see for finance and business enthusiasts or anyone interested in London’s rich history.


The pound Sterling (£), sometimes just called “Sterling”, is the official currency of the UK. You can change your money into pounds in different ways, but you can’t actually spend your own national currency, not even Euros, without exchanging it first. There are lots of places you can change money in Britain:
bureaux de change on high streets, in airports and major railway stations
travel agents
Post Offices


You need to prove your medicine is prescribed to you if:
it contains a ‘controlled drug’
you have it on you when you’re entering the UK
ALSO, When entering the UK, you need to either:
carry a letter of proof that the medicine was prescribed to you
get a personal license if you’re travelling in the UK for at least 3 months or carrying enough of the medicine to last you that long
For more information, you can check with the embassy about the rules before you travel

Visa and entry

If you’re planning an adventure to the UK, you may need to organise a visa. Whether you need one or not depends on your nationality and your reason for visiting.

If you’re visiting from the EU:

For the most up-to-date information on visiting the UK for EU, EEA and Swiss citizens, please see the official government website.

If you’re visiting from the Rest of the World

If you’re an American, Canadian or Australian tourist, you’ll be able to travel visa-free throughout the UK, providing you have a valid passport and your reason for visiting meets the immigration rules.

If you’re a tourist visiting from Brazil, South Korea, Hong Kong and Japan, you are able to travel visa-free around the UK. This also applies to nationals from some additional South American and Caribbean countries. You can check if you need a UK visa here.

If you’re a national of Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, or the UAE and you’re planning to visit the UK, you may be able to get an electronic visa waiver instead of a visa. You can find further details at

Air Travel

Flying to the UK from countries all over the world is easy, with London Heathrow the largest airport in Europe and well connected to central London. Other key international airports in the UK include London’s Gatwick, Stansted, City and Luton; in the north of England Manchester and Newcastle; in west England Birmingham; in Wales Cardiff; in Scotland Glasgow and Edinburgh, and in Northern Ireland Belfast.

Train Travel

Train is often the quickest and greenest way to travel, and London is the hub of the UK’s extensive rail network Travel to London by train and arrive in the capital after a scenic journey. As well as being a much greener mode of transport, trains to London are often faster than driving or flying. If you’re coming from Europe, the Eurostar train via the Channel Tunnel is a great option. Eurostar’s London terminal is at St Pancras International station

Public Transport

London has one of the largest public transport networks in the world, with integrated underground, train and bus systems spanning the city.

London’s iconic double-decker buses are a convenient and cheap way to travel around the city, with plenty of sightseeing opportunities along the way.

London Underground: The Tube
The London Underground rail network, also called “the Tube,” is a great way to travel to, from and around central London.

With iconic London black cabs and minicabs, you can travel around London by taxi.

London cycle hire scheme
Santander Cycles, London’s public bicycle hire scheme, is a great way to travel around the city. The first half hour is free, so grab a bike and get riding.

Riverboat services
Travelling on the river is a great way to get around London. You’ll beat the traffic and enjoy fantastic views of London along the way.

London; A World-Class Academic Hub

London is an academic hotspot, with the most universities of any UK city. It is home to 18 universities in total. With Europe’s largest concentration of higher education institutions, it includes Imperial College London in natural and applied sciences, the London School of Economics in social sciences, and the comprehensive University College London. London is not exactly a cheap option for students. Despite the high costs, London has claimed the title of the best student city in the world for two years in a row.

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